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General surgery

Our doctors specialize in traditional & laparoscopic abdominal and gynecological surgery, including:

·                     Breast Surgery (biopsy, lump removal, mastectomy)

·                     Gall Bladder Removal—Laparoscopic

·                     Hernia Repair (including cutting edge Mesh Plug)

·                     Stomach

·                     Bowel

·                     Appendix Removal — Laparoscopic

·                     Removal of lumps of the skin/fat

·                     Female Surgery (ovarian cysts, hysterectomy, cervical biopsy, endometriosis & laparoscopic tubal sterilization)

Orthopedics surgery:

·                     Open reduction and closed reductions (internal and external fixations, K-wires)

·                     Hemiarthroplasty

·                     Bone grafting


Anesthesia service

·                     I.V sedation

·                     General sedation

·                     Epidural

·                     Epidural Stacid injection